For those interested in a bit more detail around Picnic Island and how it came to be I will be progressively adding to this blog. My web designer (Lex from Prevalent Media by the way – highly recommend) says it all helps with SEO and “driving” traffic and all that stuff that makes my eyes glaze over. But I reckon it is as good a place as any to get all that information out of my head and stored somewhere permanent.

So please excuse me if in coming posts you learn the details of how to carry 500 litres of water out to an island in one hit to make concrete footings, how to backwash the desalinator, what happens to a stack of timber when it gets washed out to sea by a freak wave, why it’s not a good idea to use power tools over water and why it is a good idea to build a jetty prior to building on an island rather than after completion.

These posts will be raw and real and give you the warts and all backstory and pics. If you are looking for all the nice promotional images and text please go back to my website (which Lex has spent a lot of time on making pretty).